Developers' Presentation

"Defenders of Suntoria: Dark Sun Rising is a game we want to play, and will play with pleasure" (c)

Dmitry Orekhov, CEO of Steel Steed Studio.


Kickstarter Update: Gameplay Video


Watch it here or on Kickstarter


Kickstarter Update#1: Interface - see the difference!


We've posted our first update on kickstarter to reveal all changes done lately in the interface of the game. Finally, nice pics replaced text indicators of gold, wave and wave counters. Towers' portraits were changed for full size pictures of Archer, Wizard and Cleric! Check out other changes here


DoS on Kickstarter! Back to back! Haste the development!


We've launched a campaign on the top crowd-funding platform Kickstarter! Our goal is 15.000! Help us improve the game at developers' forum, receive digital version of the game for your favorite device, download soundtrack or make one of the characters look like you - those are rewards you can get for backing us! Visit our Kickstarter project page Kickstarter project page and back the game! Share it, retweet it! We work it harder, we'll make it better, we'll do it faster - it'll make Hero stronger! Read more to find out what is Kickstarter!


Hero's classes - part 3 - Fighter: You have my Sword!


Pride and dignity control his mind, mind controls his body, and his body controlls the lenght of blade inside your body, needed to leave you breathless. Years of training, clear mind, high constitution and dexterity are his recepies of success. Fighter is ready to serve at your command.

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